Shiny Curls | Soft Cream With Organic Flaxseed Gel for Curly Hair


Defines & Promotes Hair Growth | 8 fl oz
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Our Organic Flaxseed Soft Cream softens, defines, and moisturizes your hair without the crunchy or flaky feeling, all while elongating your curls. Made from organic Flaxseeds and free from Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, and Formaldehyde. Infused with natural flower based fragrance. Mavylin Shiny Curls is a soft hold styling cream which tames frizz and flyaways, giving extreme definition to your curls and coils and keep your style last for longer – without drying hair. Our product has been engineered to work best on soaking wet hair so apply it straight after your regular wash routine to lock in the moisture from the water. You can even keep it in the shower for an ultra-fast and convenient wash & go. HOW TO USE Step 1 Rub the product between your hands and apply on soaking wet hair with the “praying hands” method, smoothing from top to ends. Step 2 Flip your head upside down and scrunch gently with upwards motions to encourage curl to spring back and form their pattern. Step 3 Air dry or diffuse. Make sure you flip your head in all directions while drying to increase volume. Do not touch hair while drying. Step 4 Once completely dry, scrunch again to ‘break the cast’, the crunchy feeling gels create, and make your hair super soft and bouncy.

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

Argan, Keratin, Sensitive


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