Hair BTX Thermal Mask by Mavylin

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Super Shiny Hair - Formaldehyde-Free. Repairs the Hair Elasticity and Flexibility, Softens, Moisturizers, Adds Shine 8 oz

MAVYLIN RESTORATIVE TREATMENT FOR DAMAGED HAIR. This innovative treatment can turn back time and restore youth and beauty to your hair. Everyone wants an immediate effect, but not all hair services can boast of such results. Mavylin Hair BTX, however, is one that can. The trend for naturalness and self-care is gaining strength. Mavylin Hair BTX will come to the rescue to rejuvenate your hair, making it thick and shiny. At the same time, they will naturally become soft.

UNIQUE FORMULA FULL OF NUTRITIVE OILS AND VITAMINS, WHICH QUALITATIVELY IMPROVE THE EFFECT OF THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLES ON DULL AND LIFELESS HAIR. Weakened and tired strands ask for mercy. Hair quality improves, dry hair becomes silky and limp hair thickens. Due to the thickening of the hair shaft, the total volume of the hair increases. Mavylin Hair BTX affects dormant hair follicles. Dry and brittle hair gains strength, softness and shine. Your hair will look like only natural hair can.

THE FORMULA OF OUR HAIR BTX IS SO INGENIOUSLY DESIGNED THAT EACH ELEMENT REACTS WITH THE OTHERS TO PRODUCE AN IMPRESSIVE EFFECT TOGETHER. This is not only for the external appearance of the strands but also to keep the hair in perfect condition. Thanks to the components of the treatment capable of penetrating deep into the structure at the molecular level, it is possible to restore the hair from the inside. The right combination of oils solves all hair problems.

THE INGREDIENTS ARE THE FIRST FOR THEIR ABILITY TO PENETRATION INTO THE HAIR TISSUE. The oils easily pass through the intercellular space, penetrating to the core of the hair. Rosemary oil contains myrcene, a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process of hair. Vitamin E is the main vitamin responsible for beauty; improves hair quality.


1. Wash your hair with shampoo so that it is clean and free of grease. Do not use conditioner. Towel dry after.

2. Apply the Mavylin Hair BTX Thermal Mask on the hair as if you were applying a dye, strand by strand with a brush. It is important that all your hair is saturated with the product.

3. Leave 20 min. in the hair using a thermal cap and apply heat over the cap using the dryer for the first 10 minutes.

4. Lightly rinse your hair with cold water, leaving half of the product in your hair to continue moisturizing. Your hair should still have some slip remaining.

5. Dry your hair completely with a hairdryer and a round brush.. We recommend then flat-ironing to help seal the product into the cuticles for longer-lasting effects. Set the flat iron to 400℉-420℉ (200 -215 Celsius) and pass it through the hair 8-10 times. Warning: If using on fine hair or color treated hair lower the temperature to 320℉-355℉ (160-180 Celsius).

Remember: Do not use any hair care products that contain sulfates (shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc.) after applying Mavylin Hair BTX Thermal Mask for longer-lasting effects. Sulfates strip moisture from the hair.

Weight 13 oz
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